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Couple with Baby

Shelly Wierman Birth Services

Supporting Birthing Families through Pregnancy and Postpartum

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Shelly Wierman

Who Am I?

I provide warm, calm support to families when they need it most during pregnancy, birth and early postpartum. As a prenatal yoga instructor, birth doula and certified lactation counselor my passion is supporting families throughout pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood.  I can frequently be found talking about pelvises, looking at birth photos, reading about birth or listening to birth podcasts. I believe that pregnancy, birth and nursing are powerful experiences unique to each family.​

I'm originally from the Pacific Northwest but for the past 20+ years I've made my home in Westchester County, New York.  I love family, home, laughing, babies, bees, whales, dogs, trees, frogs, reading, cooking, music and yoga.

Image by Kelly Sikkema

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Shelly Wierman Birth Services

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